Home comes to Steam this month

The survival horror game Home, which released for PC last month, is now coming to Steam on August 31.

"As you play the game, it changes — subtly, almost imperceptibly — to reflect your perspective," reads the description. "It's a horror game unlike any other, and as you'll discover, its truths are entirely subjective."

Independent developer Benjamin Rivers released the game a couple months after Jasper Byrne's similar title Lone Survivor came to Steam for PC and Mac.

Home will cost $2.99 upon release, with a 15 percent discount in the first week. It will contain a PDF manual similar to the physical book included in the Old-School Collector's Edition, only with more extras. Those who purchased the collector's edition previously will be given a complimentary Steam key, and all customers will receive updates and support alongside those made to the Steam version.

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