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Holy crap! Magma Chamber has finally been announced for League of Legends

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HOLY #$%ING #$%&, it’s MAGMA CHAMBER! It’s not a joke and it even has a quasi-release date! There are screenshots and everything. I.. I honestly didn’t think I’d ever see this day. There are imaginary tear drops rolling my cheek as I type this. After ARAM got a brand new map it seems only necessary for League of Legends to finally release Magma Chamber. Most of the original concept of this map ended up going into Dominion.   

This isn’t the Magma Chamber we all heard about years ago; this is a new map. Instead of being a crazy 6v6 map, it’s a 1v1 or 2v2 map. So instead of making up weird Fight Club-esque rules for ARAM maps, there is a map to face off vs. those who think they’re better than you. Will this become the new 1v1 Quick Scopes? I didn’t know I’ve been waiting for this sort of map, but I definitely have been.

What’s the best way to best way to break in a dueling map? Have the best players in the world face off vs. each other of course. Tired of wondering who the best top laner is? During the All-Star Week, these matches will be streamed for our sick pleasures. Unfortunately, this Magma Chamber is only a quick glance and won’t be live for some time – Riot predicts the start of Season 4. Eventually a beta version will reach the PBE.

During the All-Star Week, there will be three different ways for players to win in Magma Chamber:

  • Kill 100 minions
  • Destroy the enemy turret
  • Score first blood

Why do we have to wait until Season 4 to play this new map live? Quite simply the answer is testing and balancing. With over 100 champions, there is a lot to go into a duel/couples map to make sure no one character is godly. So the bad news is we have to wait; the good news is that it is definitely happening. Check out all the pretty pictures.


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