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Hitman: Absolution trailer shows off two deadly sides of Agent 47

Square Enix and IO Interactive have the released the first episode of "Introducing: Agent 47", an all-new original series dedicating to showing off the "richness, depth, and possibilities" surrounding the world of Hitman: Absolution.

The first episode, comprised entirely of gameplay footage, depicts two sides of the deadly hitman: intimate and painless or gruesome and violent.  Either way, Agent 47 will excel.  It's up to you.

This new episode actually shows off much of what my PAX preview of Hitman: Absolution discussed.  You have the more "professional" approach or the more violent one.  Both are viable options, but totally different paths and gameplay styles.  As the trailer suggests, "Experiment, switch tactics, and improvise."

The next episode of "Introducing" will look at the weapons Agent 47 will have at his disposal in Hitman: Absolution.

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