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Hitman: Absolution for PC will be more than 'just a port,' says IO Interactive

Hitman: Absolution

Hitman: Absolution on PC will be a "complete experience" when it releases this November 20, said developer IO Interactive's Jonas Meyer at a press gathering in Cologne, Germany today.

According to Meyer, the developers are building the game with their proprietary Glacier 2 engine, which now supports DX11 and high-end features not functional on consoles. Focusing on more advanced technology for PC is helping the team create a "stylized hyper-realism" look for the game — that includes bloom, glare, lens flares, saturated color, high controls, and a target frame rate of 30 FPS.

The PC version will also feature better lighting, postfilters for improved rain and puddles, a greater depth of field, increased texture resolution, higher shadow-map resolution, and more real-time reflections.

The game also allows for AMD Eyefinity and HD3D support, full Steamworks integration, and Steam Cloud saves.

"We want the game to look as awesome as possible," said Meyer.

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