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History suggests Call of Duty: Modern Warfare 4 reveal will happen in May

Dan Amrich Activision Community Manager

The next Call of Duty will be revealed in May -- no sooner, no later. For proof, all you need to do is look at Activision's history of announcements, which is exactly what community manager Dan Amrich did in his latest YouTube Q&A when asked when we'll hear more about Modern Warfare 4

"We're still deep in the middle of the Black Ops 2 cycle," Amrich said, nothing several upcoming DLCs and add-ons, "so you can understand why Activision hasn't really talked about next year yet. But they're going to have to do so soon because E3 is coming up."

"Here's all we do know," he continued. "We don't know what the future of Call of Duty will be, other than that there will be a future."

"You have a lot of different factors going on this year, but you can look at history. Last year, it was early May when they decided to start talking about what was really going to be inside Black Ops 2, confirmed the details about the game, things like that. We knew that it was called Black Ops 2 and we knew the setup of the game in early May."

"For Modern Warfare 3, the first previews came out in late May, so they were a little bit ahead of E3 in past years," he explained. "That could very well happen again, but I think that by asking in early April, you're just a little bit ahead of the curve."

"So if history has anything to teach, I would expect some news at E3 or maybe just before E3. A lot of publishers will do that; they'll announce their big thing two weeks before E3 and say 'come see our booth, we'll have another presentation,' or they'll put out a new trailer, or something like that as part of E3."

"If you're looking for information on the future, it's coming soon, it's just not here yet," Amrich concluded. "And it should be here no later than E3. I think you'll hear some information very soon."

The latest we heard regarding the next Call of Duty suggested it would not be titled Modern Warfare 4, although the story will branch out of the Modern Warfare series. Rather, it's believed the next installment in the franchise will be named Call of Duty: Ghosts. Interestingly, the title of Amrich's video was "although he was careful not to label the next game as such when answering the question. 

The same rumor we heard weeks ago also said Activision has plans to unveil the new Call of Duty on or around May 1st, which is around the same time Black Ops 2 was officially announced. Either way, both Amrich and the previous source are on the same page -- and that is the next Call of Duty will be revealed in May.

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