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Hideo Kojima says Death Stranding is not like anything you’ve played before

The mystery continues


Hideo Kojima continues to play his cards close to the chest when it comes to the development of Death Stranding, but he’s dishing out a few more details on his upcoming PS4 exclusive game.

In an interview with BBC newsbeat, Kojima says they are looking to deliver something new and unfamiliar to gamers.

"We want this game to be something that people can get into easily but after an hour or two they'll start to notice something a little different," Kojima said. "It's not like anything they've played before".

"We don't want to be a studio that re-uses assets, ideas or just makes sequels all the time," he continued. "We want it so [that] every time someone plays one of our games they're getting a new experience".

Kojima goes on to compare his new project to music, saying memorable artists take creative risks with new albums, and while they may lose some fans along the way, they also bring in new ones.

Kojima and his newly founded Kojima Productions have an enormous task on their hands. The iconic game designer is hoping to create something new in a video game market that is oversaturated with ideas. He’s also hoping to move on from his accomplishments with Konami and the Metal Gear franchise.

Either way, we’re excited as hell for what Kojima is creating behind the scenes. He’s working once again with Guillermo del Toro and Norman Reedus following the cancellation of P.T., and is already screwing with our minds with his first two trailers for Death Stranding.

Oh, and one other nugget from his BBC interview: When asked about potential retirement, Kojima said “no chance” because he’s still passionate and energetic about technology and gaming, and continues to come up with new ideas.

Check out the full interview below.

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