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We don't know much about Hideo Kojima's Project Ogre. All we really know so far is that the game will run on the Fox Engine, that it will deal with some serious topics, and that there's currently a screenshot of the game. That's really it at this point.

We now learned something new about Project Ogre, and it's that the Wii U probably isn't getting the game. Ever. According to Kojima, the Wii U's unique specs would make it a better device to create something completely new for. So if Kojima was to make a Wii U game, he believes he'd probably design an entirely new title specific to the console's hardware.

"Wii U is kind of a special case," said the Metal Gear creator. "The way the player interacts with the device is very different than any other device out there. So if I were to make a game for the Wii U, it would have to be a unique game."

Even then, the Fox Engine is still compatible with the Wii U, says Kojima. The issue isn't with the game's engine, but rather what seems to be Kojima's desire to create a unique title centered on the Wii U's capabilities. That's good to know, because the last thing we need is a wacky Wii U port of what could be a great game on other consoles. If Kojima wants to tinker around with the upcoming Nintendo console's hardware to deliver an intriguing and unique game, that's a much better idea than a port.

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