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Hideo Kojima makes the Death Stranding trailer even weirder by showing us the fake baby they used

It's gettin' weird in here.

During E3 2016, Hideo Kojima revealed his secret project - Death Stranding and it was a weird experience. Norman Reedus was in it, naked... with babies and umbilical cords. Sure, it was kind of cool and unsettling in an exciting way, but it was still kind of weird.

Kojima has made it clear that the teaser we saw during E3 was simply to show people the true power of the engine he and his team are using for their game. Luckily for us, we will be seeing more about the game in the near future because Kojima is close to going into full production with it.

Until then, we can sit here and stare at Lu#2 and Lu#2, the babies from the trailer.

Look at this face, look at it.

hold me

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