Hey you, that one person who hasn't yet played the amazing Walking Dead game, it's 50% off on Steam

Listen, I don't want any more excuses. Not only was this game nominated, and then the recipient of, many Game of the Year awards, our site included, it was hands down one of the best stories we could have asked for. Games based on TV or movie licenses tend to suck, but TellTale proved us all wrong, by making one of the most emotional, powerful, story-driven games that Walking Dead fans could ask for. You basically NEED this game.

If for some reason you kept insisting that the game's not for you, or any other weird and not valid excuse, it's not going to fly anymore. Go buy the game now on Steam 50% off, bringing it down to a measly $12.49. Come on! That's freaking affordable!

Seriously though, did I mention that you NEED this game?

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