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Heroes of the Storm beta signups open today

Heroes of the Storm

Beta signups for Blizzard's upcoming multiplayer online battle arena (MOBA), Heroes of the Storm, will open later today, game director Dustin Browder revealed today at BlizzCon.

In addition to that major announcement, Browder also shed some light on a few of the game's maps.

“It’s not enough to pay homage to the games," he said. "We have to provide you with new challenges, and challenge the genre.”

For example, in Blackheart's Bay, you can deliver treasure to a pirate who turns the cannons of his pirate ship against your enemies. In the Haunted Mines, you can collect skulls and combine then with necromatic magic to summon a massive, deadly golem. Will these dynamically triggered events take MOBA gameplay to the next level? I'm can't say for certain, but with beta signups opening I hope to find out soon.

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