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Heroes of Newerth now offers free-to-play roster

Heroes of Newerth

Heroes of Newerth now features a roster of 107 free playable heroes.

Launched today, All Heroes Free makes the game fully free-to-play, as compared with its previous microtransaction model in which the offering of 16 free characters would change weekly. Players could purchase individual heroes with both in-game and real-world currency.

"As gamers, we all know that games are more fun to play with friends, and All Heroes Free will make it easier for players to bring their friends to the game," said director Pu Liu. "This new model will also level the eSports playing field, as all players will be able to build their skills and advance their strategies with any hero they choose."

Users who bought a hero in the last 15 days will receive a refund, and anyone who has ever used real money to make the purchase (including Legacy players) will be gifted the new and exclusive Mecha Gemini robot avatar. Legacy players will also begin to earn more rewards per match.

S2 Games is preparing a new Gated Mode, which will provide a more controlled area for training.

Heroes of Newerth came out in 2010 and adopted a free-to-play model a year later.

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