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Heroes of Newerth Hero Spotlight - Artesia

Artesia is a ranged intelligence hero with low-cooldown and low-manacost spells. She can rain down a deluge of arcane magics on enemies, damaging nearby heroes, as well as heal and support her team in times of need. With no escape mechanism, she'll need to focus on some defensive items early game, such as Steamboots or Plated Greaves. Mana Battery, Grave Locket, Ring of the Teacher, and Blood Chalice are all great items to pick up on Artesia for early game survivability and mana regeneration. Items that increase her maximum mana pool and regeneration best benefit her mid-game, allowing chain casting for long periods of time, such as Nullstone and Bloodstone. If you find yourself against a team who deal physical-oriented damage, Frostfield Plate is a great pickup. Spellshards will increase her damage output and mana regeneration, but the cooldown reduction on her spells will be almost unnoticeable. End-game items, Kuldra's Sheepstick or Hellflower, will help her survivability, mana regeration, and offensive prowess.

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