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Here's your obligatory "check out the new Weird Al video" post

The folks at The Nerdist got a hold of Weird Al's newest video. You should totally check it out, because Weird Al. The man knows how to make a fantastic song.

His newest release, "Tacky," is off his 14th (yes, 14th) album Mandatory Fun. It releases July 14th, which is today. 

Sadly, Spotify has not released the album. Trust me, I've been checking non-stop for the past twenty or so minutes.

Here's that video you should totally check out. "Tacky" is a parody of the Pharrell hit "Happy." If you don't know who Pharrell is, he's the guy with that weird hat from the Grammy's. If you still don't know who he is, then he's that guy who sang the Daft Punk song "Get Lucky." If you're still out of the loop on Pharrell, then you might live under a rock.

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