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Here's your first defective Xbox One claim


As was the case with the PlayStation 4, you can pretty much bet that any little problem consumers experience with the Xbox One will be plastered all over the internet for the world to see. With the Xbox One starting to roll out to the general masses, we're beginning to see various claims of defective Xbox One consoles pop up -- YouTube, of course, being the easiest way to display the problem.

One such claim comes from YouTuber Shaun Heenan who has posted a video of his Xbox One failing to download and install the mandatory day-one update.

The video first comes off a little fanboyish as he points out the Xbox One is in 720p, but he's probably just frustrated that a $500 purchase isn't working as intended. Some have accused him of trolling for views and without seeing the setup in person it's hard to validate his claim, but there does appear to be some sort of problem. How serious remains unknown at this point, but it's worth pointing this is the first I've seen of such an issue.

Now before we start a panic, it's worth noting that the internet tends to make these types of problems a bigger issue than it really is. Sure, for this specific owner this is a big problem, but this is hardly indicative of a widespread problem. It could just be Microsoft's servers buckling under the stress of all these new users trying to connect. We don't even know if it's the Xbox One's fault and not his internet modem/router.  Unfortunately, Microsoft has taken down the update from its website, which would normally allow you to update your Xbox One (via PC and USB) without having to connect to Xbox LIVE. 

The Xbox One is set to launch at midnight, Friday, November 22 here in the United States. If for some reason you do encounter an error similar to this, Microsoft offers a number of support articles for connecting to Xbox LIVE.

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