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Here's the new 'Jack Reacher' trailer and why you should be excited for it

Tom Cruise's upcoming crime/drama film Jack Reacher didn't wow me with its first trailer. The movie was portrayed as Tom Cruise being a vigilante and just beating guys up. The second trailer? Huge difference.

The new Jack Reacher trailer shows what the movie is really about. Yea, Tom Cruise is going to have those action moments where he kicks ass; he's going to give a Liam Neeson Taken-esque speech to the bad guy; but a lot of it is going to be figuring out who the bad guy is as he investigates a sniper shooting that killed five people. As a former Military Police and really good investigator, we're going to get the analytical Tom Cruise to go with the car chase and shooting guns Tom Cruise.

Here's some reasons you should now be excited to see Jack Reacher:

  • It's not just an action movie
  • Not only is Jack Reacher investigating a murder to prove someone's innocence, but he's trying to find the bad guy, all while rescuing the damsel in distress
  • With a crime/drama movie, there's sure to be a plot twist
  • When Jack does fight, Tom Cruise still shows he can be a badass... even if he is a little "loopy"
  • The ending of the trailer where he walks away from the car is gold... I watched it five times

Jack Reacher opens in the US on December 21, 2012.

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