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Here's how Zack Snyder shot Aquaman's underwater scenes

Holy green screen Batman

Last week director Zack Snyder revealed a short, six-second clip showing Jason Momoa as Aquaman underwater. It was the first footage we've seen of the movie, and of course, we all wanted more. In the scene you see Aquaman surrounded by all sorts of aquatic life next to the king on the throne before the clip ends.

A lot of the clip appeared to be CGI such as the environment and fish, but due to the quality, it was hard to tell if Momoa himself was the product of technology. Zack Snyder today gave us a new image showing just how involved the green screen process is for the film. Momoa is strapped into a giant, metal arm being operated by a crew member in order to give him that look of swimming. Everything is encased in green, and it really speaks to the creativity that some of these directors go to while filming. According to Snyder, "People are wondering whether he was CG or not. He's and environment CG otherwise all Jason."

As you can see, Aquaman swimming around in his element, but thats mostly CGI. To get the effects right, Momoa was attached to some kind of hydraulic arm that appears to be manned by a green suited man. Check it out below:


Aquaman is set to release on October 5th, 2018.

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