Here's Gearbox on whether or not Battleborn is a MOBA

Battleborn Screenshot - Here's Gearbox on whether or not Battleborn is a MOBA

Gearbox's recently announced Battleborn is a competitive online multiplayer game. Many have quickly assumed that this means the game is a MOBA. Not so fast, my friend.

When Game Informer asked if this is Gearbox's MOBA, John Mulkey, the game's Design Director, said "that's weird."

He said some more things, too:

"We drew in from fighting games, there's first-person shooter stuff in there, there's heavy influence of RPGs."

Here's the full interview on Game Informer's YouTube channel:

A Reddit user, who claims to be an alpha tester for the game, claims that it is 100% a MOBA. Granted, a game like Super Monday Night Combat is sort of like a MOBA, but still offers a unique experience compared to other games in the genre.

If Battleborn is a cross between Borderlands and Super Monday Night Combat, I'd be perfectly okay with that. 


Jake Valentine
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