Here's Battlefield 3: End Game's full release schedule

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Battlefield 3 Premium members on PlayStation 3 today received the fifth and final digital expansion pack, End Game. But what about the rest of us? EA has revealed the End Game release schedule for PS3, Xbox 360, and PC, for both Premium subscribers and non-members.

PlayStation 3

Xbox 360 and PC

Battlefield 3 Premium members


March 5


March 12

Battlefield 3 players


March 19


March 26

Battlefield 3: End Game introduces four new maps inspired by each of the four seasons. It also sees the return of two classic game modes, Capture the Flag and Air Superiority. In Capture the Flag you'll have to coordinate lightning fast attacks and defenses, while in Air Superiority you take to the sky and engage in massive dog fights. Other additions include the new dirt bike, two AA vehicles, and a new drop ship, along with five new assignments, 16 dog tags, and five trophies and achievements.

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