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Here's another Dishonored rumor, but don't get your hopes up

Here's another Dishonored rumor, but don't get your hopes up

Dishonored II: Darkness of Tyvia will be revealed later this year at Gamescom. Also, Dishonored II: Darkness of Tyvia was scheduled to be revealed back at E3, but that of course didn't happen. 

No guys, seriously! Just look at this image!

Here's another Dishonored rumor, but don't get your hopes up

That hasn't stopped multiple sources from reporting that a Gamescom reveal is immiment. Which, you know, doesn't make sense when you consider the fact that Betheda is using QuakeCon to detail the next installment of the DOOM franchise. Why wouldn't they do they same for Dishonored, a game that would arguably receive more fanfare?

Something that also needs to be considered is the alleged leak of the game's box-art:

Here's another Dishonored rumor, but don't get your hopes up

Let's first ignore the fact that the game's font is different between the two images. It's possible that things like that can change over time. Let's also ignore the fact that the insignia in the top image is completely missing from the bottom image, which is simply Corvo's mask hidden beneath what is presumed to be a Photoshop layer or two. Or then.

Let's ignore all that. Instead, let's focus on the source of these rumors.

Multiple sources mention the future of the Dishonored franchse, including details about the sequel and a reveal coming up next month at Gamescom. Both stories use anomyous sources via tipsters. Could these websites be in the right? Absolutely. Could they be wrong? You bet. That's the trouble with anomyous sources; there are no names attached to add weight to the stories. Remember the hysteria over The Survivor 2299? Yeah, look what that turned out to be.

Lost in all of this is the fact that Bethesda, the publisher of the Dishonored franchise, isn't exactly shy about teasing their announcements. Both Wolfenstein: The New Order and The Evil Within had really weird Vine teases before their debut trailers. DOOM received a teaser trailer before its reveal at QuakeCon. Surely Dishonored II would receive the same treatment, right?

For what it's worth, Gamescom 2014 takes place August 13th and 17th. Bethesda will indeed be there and are showcasing the following games:

The "stop asking" refers to Fallout 4, not Dishonored II, by the way.

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