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Here's all 12 Call of Duty: WWII killstreaks that have been revealed so far

A mix of new and old.

On Monday night we got our very first look at Call of Duty: WWII's multiplayer. It's classic, boots on the ground gameplay set in the time period that kickstarted Call of Duty's success. It's a massive return to form for Call of Duty in many ways but it will also bring over some of the new additions that have been introduced to the series since it exited the World War II time period.

One of those additions is kill streaks. Yes, World at War had a few killstreaks like UAVs, Dogs, and mortar fire but it wasn't like this. Call of Duty: WWII will have a plethora of kill streaks, some that you're familiar with and some not. So far, Sledgehammer Games has revealed 12 killstreaks for the game and CharlieINTEL was gracious enough to share them with the internet.

Some recognizable killstreaks are things like the Recon Aircraft which serves as the UAV, Mortar Strikes, the Ball Turret Gunner which will be similar to the AC-130 from Modern Warfare 2. Some new additions are the Paratroopers which call in AI reinforcements who fight alongside your team, a Flamethrower, and the Fighter Pilot which allows you to personally control a plane for strafing runs!

Here’s a list of all of the scorestreaks that were available in the E3 build of the game.

  • Recon Aircraft — A recon aircraft that reveals enemies location on the mini-map
  • Counter Recon Aircraft — A fighter that destroys an enemy Recon Aircraft or Counter Recon Aircraft, or blocks enemy Recon Aircraft.
  • Flamethrower — A portable backpack flamethrower.
  • Fighter Pilot — Fly a strafing run in a fighter aircraft.
  • Care Package — A Care Package is delivered on a parachute; it contains a random Scorestreak.
  • Glide Bomb — A remote controlled bomb.
  • Mortar Strike — A precision strike upon three targeted location.
  • Artillery Barrage — An artillery barrage on a designated location.
  • Flak Guns — Destroy all enemy Scorestreaks and block enemies from using new ones.
  • Paratroopers — Call in paratrooper reinforcements.
  • Carpet Bombing — An aerial obliteration bombing that makes multiple passes over the enemy occupied territory.
  • Ball Turret Gunner — Occupy a B-17G and decimate enemies with its ball turret.


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