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Here's a Tales of Xillia 2 controller we probably won't get


Tales of Xillia 2 is headed to the PlayStation 3 in Japan on November 1. That means it will launch in North America on November 1 ... 2019. It also means Japan is getting a cool Tales of Xillia 2 promotional product while we'll probably just get the game. Now, while I don't think a lot of people in North America would have shelled out the cash for a Tales of Xillia PlayStation 3, I think the special item for Tales of Xillia 2 would definitely be a hit.

What is this special promotional piece of awesomeness, you ask? Well, first of all, why are you even asking? I mean, didn't you read the title of this post? I thought that's why you were reading this in the first place! Anyway, yeah, it's a controller. A sexy PlayStation 3 controller that's all Tales of Xillia 2-ed out.

Enjoy your kick-ass controller and your copy of Tales of Xillia 2 this November, Japan. We'll, umm ... well, we'll go do something else, I guess.


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