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Here's 10-minutes of gameplay from the Silent Hill game that never released

What's that? Oh, it's just the sound of my dreams crashing.

Here's 10-minutes of gameplay from the Silent Hill game that never released

There are plenty of games that never see the light of day, but it looks like the Silent Hill series suffers from it the most. The hype worthy Silent Hills game was canceled by Konami last summer and now an older Silent Hill pitch has been shown off, which kind of just pours salt on the would left by Silent Hills.

Broken Covenant, first known as Silent Hill PS3, first started development in 2003 as a pitch for a PS3 exclusive Silent Hill title. Developer Climax Los Angeles, who had brought Silent Hill Origins to the PSP, had pitched the Silent Hill game to Konami, but Konami turned them down.

Climax Los Angeles took the Silent Hill pitch, changed some aspects of it out and pitched it again as Broken Covenant... Which was also shot down. The released gameplay shows off a puzzle, a bit of gameplay, stealth, enemies and a "big climax". The general plot was to save a southwestern town in Coyote Flats, Arizona from the corrupting memories of a Silent Hills past

You'll see some assets from Origins in the game, but they weren't going to be there in the final product of the game (but that never happened). There were some big plans for the game like buildings materializing out of nowhere, a streaming world without load times and more.

Unfortunately, Climax Los Angeles never had the chance to make it happen.

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