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'Here Comes the Boom' trailer combines Kevin James with mixed martial arts -- hilarity ensues

Just the other day, I was telling my friends how Kevin James should totally do a comedy where he's an MMA (mixed martial arts) fighter. Sure enough, yesterday I saw a trailer showing just that. Here Comes the Boom looks like a hilarious effort starring Kevin James, Salma Hayek and the beloved Henry Winkler (if you're too young to know who that is, Google it now!).

In Here Comes the Boom, Kevin James is a former collegiate wrester and current 42-year-old biology teacher Scott Voss. 10 years removed from teacher of the year, he works at a failing high school that is threatening to cancel the music program and lay off the music teacher (Henry Winkler). Scott begins to raise money by moonlighting as a mixed martial arts fighter. Everyone thinks he is crazy, especially the school nurse, Bella (Salma Hayek), but during his quest, Scott finds something inside him he didn't expect and becomes a sensation for the school that inspires students and rallies the school.

I think this movie is going to be really good. Yea, there's been a lot of movies with a failing school and a teacher inspiring students, but this is an awesome and unique take on it. And Kevin James' arms got huge! Dude's been workin' out. He looks the part, and the MMA fighting scenes look legit. I can't wait to see the training montage of how James gets ready for a big fight.

Here Comes the Boom looks like a solid comedy with a pretty damn good cast. Here Comes the Boom is expected to release October 12, 2012.

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