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Here are YouTube's top trending Gaming videos of 2013

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The massive behemoth that is YouTube allows us to sink away into a world of cute cats, people behaving like planks and quirky Korean pop sensations. It also happens to be a gamers haven with Let's Plays, trailers, parodies and more. In fact, YouTube is so big in the gaming community, gamers sometimes opt to skip a game altogether, and watch an entire Let's Play of a game from start to finish.

YouTube has revealed its top 10 most popular Gaming videos of 2013 which includes games like League of Legends, Battlefield 4, GTA 5 and of couse the YouTube favorite, Minecraft.

Let's take a look at the top 10 vidoes shall we?

1. PlayStation 4, PlayStation

This sizzle trailer showcased some quick clips of upcoming PS4 games, as well as developers talking about what a joy the PS4 is to develop for. Of course this was one of the first videos to be released following the PS4s announcement in February so hype was at an all time high.

2. Grand Theft Auto V: Official Gameplay Video, RockstarGames

Easily one of the most anticipated games of 2013, gamers were dying to know how GTA 5 actually plays. What better way to hype it up than have a sexy narrator talk about all the game's advancements like a massive open world, multiple playable characters and high octane action sequences.

The cherry on top of this massive reveal was the extremely short but sweet teaser for Grand Theft Auto Online, which was Rockstar's much more ambitious attempt to bring the world of GTA to a persistent online setting.

3. OUTRAGEOUS ENDING! - Mad Father (6), PewDiePie

Let's file this one under the WTF category. YouTube sensation PewDiePie plays the game Mad Father, which to be completely honest, I've never even heard of. Apparently this old school horror RPG has you playing as a young girl named Aya in a house full of walking corpses in hopes to save your father. If you watch this video, her father has completely different plans for Aya.

4. League of Legends Cinematic: A Twist of Fate, League of Legends

I never got on the LoL hype train. Maybe it's because I completely suck at it, or perhaps it was because that game can tear friendships apart. Whatever the reason is, I'm the minority of our office that plays this game on a daily basis.

Apart from my complete apathy for the game, I actually like watching the game be played. I enjoy the live events. Hell, I even dig most of the character designs. However, if the game was a little more action based like in this kickass cinematic trailer, I'd probably hope on the LoL bandwagon too. LoL is already one of the most played games on the planet. It's easy to see why this trailer became so popular with the fans.

5. Official Call of Duty Ghost Reveal Trailer, CALLOFDUTY

Outside of GTA 5, the yearly installment of Call of Duty has fans foaming at the mouth from anticipation. It's easy to see then why the Call of Duty Ghosts reveal trailer was so monumental.

I actually really enjoyed this trailer, but a big reason for that has to be the music. It totally ties the emotional aspect of the trailer together. Complete with some imagery that's going to hit you right in the feels, Activision was not only able to capture what makes the series so popular (the action) but also remind gamers that the story can have a human element to it.

6. League of Legends Music: Get Jinxed, League of Legends

Surprise surprise, League of Legends made the list twice, though this video is pretty unique. When Riot unveiled their new character Jinx, they introduced her with this crazy music video that easily captures the essence of who she really is.

Psychotic? Check.

7. Battlefield 4: Official 17 Minutes “Fishing in Baku” Gameplay Reveal, Battlefield 

Before gamers were treated to next-gen games with the PS4 and Xbox One, they eagerly anticipated what they'll look like. After all, next-gen means jaw dropping visuals right? That's exactly what EA and DICE set out to do. Drop jaws.

This 17 minute Battlefield 4 video which shows off the game's first mission was extremely impressive visually. From individual water droplets on soldier's faces, to dust particles flying through the light beam shining through a window, this was next-gen!


And just like League of Legends, YouTube streamer PewDiePie makes a second appearance on the list. However, instead of a single game, this video cuts together some of PewDiePie's funniest moments. Well... funniest if you like this sort of thing.

9. Official PlayStation Used Game Instructional Video, PlayStation

There was a time when Sony was all business and no party. It seems like that's all changed with the PS4. In an effort to troll Microsoft's announcement from earlier that day, this video showed just how easy it is to share a PS4 game between friends, no always-on DRM required.

Well played Sony.

10. Minecraft Mini-Game: Cops N Robbers!, SkyDoesMinecraft

Last but not least, the YouTube goliath, Minecraft. Here we have SkyDoesMinecraft play a mini-game of cops and robbers. Hilarity ensues.

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