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Here are the League of Legends champion and skin sales for July


Continuing their pattern of revealing the entire month's worth of League of Legends champion and skin sales at one time, Riot Games has published the list of upcoming discounts. Here's the catch though: you won't know what champions or skins will be on sale in a given week until the regular sales announcement is made. Why? I'm not really sure -- probably some sort of legal reasons -- but here's the entire list anyway.

Champion Sale Price Skin Sale Price
Ahri 487 RP Arclight Varus 487 RP
Dr. Mundo 292 RP Bandit Sivir 375 RP
Draven 487 RP Bandito Fiddlesticks 260 RP
Elise 487 RP Battleborn Kayle 487 RP
Evelynn 292 RP Darkrider Sejuani 487 RP
Ezreal 440 RP Deep Sea Kog'Maw 487 RP
Fizz 440 RP Dynasty Ahri 487 RP
Gragas 395 RP Glacial Malphite 675 RP
Graves 440 RP Hextech Janna 487 RP
Irelia 440 RP Hextech Singed 260 RP
Jarvan IV 440 RP Hillbilly Gragas 260 RP
Jinx 487 RP Infernal Alistar 487 RP
Katarina 395 RP Ironscale Shyvana 375 RP
Lissandra 487 RP Mercenary Katarina 260 RP
Miss Fortune 395 RP Myrmidon Pantheon 260 RP
Nocturne 440 RP Nightraven Fiora 375 RP
Pantheon 395 RP Pentakill Mordekaiser 487 RP
Sion 292 RP Pentakill Sona 487 RP
Taric 292 RP Runeguard Volibear 487 RP
Trundle 440 RP Sad Robot Amumu 675 RP
Twitch 395 RP Samurai Yi 260 RP
Viktor 487 RP Sandstorm Katarina 487 RP
Volibear 487 RP Sanguine Garen 260 RP
Xerath 440 RP Silverfang Akali 487 RP
Yorick 440 RP Tundra Hunter Warwick 260 RP
Zed 487 RP Veigar Greybeard 375 RP
Ziggs 487 RP Vindicator Vayne 260 RP

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