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Here are the details for the final Guild Wars 2 beta weekend event


The final Guild Wars 2 Beta Weekend Event is rapidly approaching. Set to take place from Friday, July 20, which also just so happens to be the release of The Dark Knight Rises, and go until Sunday, July 22, the final Guild Wars 2 Beta event will be the "biggest yet". And it will be the last time players from Europe and North America will get to experience the highly anticipated game until it releases on August 28.

As the largest yet, the Guild Wars 2 beta will include the previously announced asura and sylvari races, a new map, a brand new PvP map, and much more! ArenaNet has provided players anxious to test the game with all of the details.

As explained before, players will be able to create asura and sylvari characters for the first time this weekend. You will be able to explore each race's home region and unique storyline options.

This weekend's beta event will also make available a brand new map. Recommended for players level 17-20, the Brisban Wildlands is a "remote jungle" adjacent to the lands of the asura, sylvari, and humans. Taking advantage of the isolated location, the Inquest, Nightmare Court, and human bands now inhabit the area, each with their own dark intentions.

A new PvP map, Legacy of the Foefire, which draws inspiration from the original Guild Wars, will also be playable. In it, players will fight for control over three capture points, but unlike other PvP maps, Legacy of the Foefire includes NPC guards and team "guild lords", powerful NPCs that are worth a lot of points if you manage to kill them.

“I think fans of Guild Wars will particularly appreciate the background of Foefire,” Game Designer Jonathan Sharp said. “And I think they’ll find the map layout reminiscent of some classic Guild Wars maps.”

Also being introduced are vistas, a new feature for sightseers and explorers, and a Keg Brawl, the first minigame activity playable in a beta weekend. Activities like Keg Brawl are minigames made available in many Tyrian cities. With Keg Brawl, two teams attempt to score points by toting a full keg of ale across an icy lake and turning it in to the Ale Collector for their team. All forms of violence are welcomed.

As the final beta weekend before the launch of Guild Wars 2, ArenaNet will be deleting all existing beta information. Every character and information or items associated with them will be deleted. ArenaNet will be preserving your beta account's contact list so you can easily connect with friends after the launch of the game come August.

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