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Here are the 17 cities you can move your team to in Madden NFL 25


As we reported yesterday, Madden NFL 25's Connected Franchise Owner Mode puts you in the shows of an NFL team owner. As such, you'll have complete control of the team which involves setting ticket prices, hiring team personnel, managing stadium upgrades, or even moving your team to a brand new city. We now know what cities will be available for relocation.

According to Joystiq, you'll be able to choose from 17 different NFL markets and best of all, they aren't all within the United States. As Goodell and the NFL have hinted in the past, the NFL wants to expand beyond the United States border. Some of the cities thrown into the expansion hat are London, Dublin, Toronto, and Mexico City. Other cities within the United States include Brooklyn, Los Angeles, Austin, Columbus, Orlando, Portland, Oklahoma City, and Memphis. You can even choose to relocate to a city with an already-established NFL team such as Chicago or Houston.

Upon relocation, you'll have the option to retain the team name, logo, and uniforms or select from three different present options for each city. An example provided includes the Brooklyn Beats. For you nostalgic NFL fans, you can even bring back former teams like the Houston Oilers. If moving relocating the team isn't for you, you can choose to disable to option entirely. 

Madden NFL 25 releases on the Xbox 360 and PlayStation 3 on August 27. It will also be available on Xbox One and PS4, powered by the Ignite Engine, although a launch date has not been announced.


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