Here are some of the games Steam Machine beta users are getting for free

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Get ready to be jealous. As revealed by Valve yesterday, the 300 lucky winners chosen to beta test the intriguing Steam Machine will also be receiving a handful of games to test out the new hardware. While none of us here at GameZone were selected, one of our readers was chosen out of "over 400,000 users who completed the Eligibility Quest." 

As if the fact that we won't be getting the Steam Machine or Steam Controller wasn't enough to get you jealous, we're also missing out on quite a few games. According to the congratulating email, beta testers will receive all Valve titles, plus the following games:

  • Metro Last Light
  • Bastion
  • FTL
  • Arma Tactics
  • Serious Sam
  • Hotline Miami
  • Beatbuddy
  • Strike Suit Zero
  • Don’t Starve
  • Painkiller: Hell and Damnation

The email doesn't specify if these will be the only games available, or maybe just at launch, but either way there's some pretty great titles in there. What's odd is that aside from Metro: Last Light, none of the games are too graphically demanding. Perhaps in this first round Valve is simply looking to test the basic functionality of the hardware and controller.

As previously explained, the Steam Machine and Steam Controller are scheduled to ship on December 13th.

Matt Liebl You can follow Senior News Editor Matt Liebl on Twitter @Matt_GZ. He likes games, sports, musicals, and his adorable dog, Wrigley, and his wife.
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