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Here are some Dark Souls 2 screenshots to bring false hope to your day

1144671 Gallery_small__bmuploads_2012-12-07_758_darksouls2_01 Gallery_small__bmuploads_2012-12-07_759_darksouls2_06 Gallery_small__bmuploads_2012-12-07_760_darksouls2_15 Gallery_small__bmuploads_2012-12-07_761_sc001_s0004.00_comp_0023 Gallery_small__bmuploads_2012-12-07_762_sc002_s0001.00_comp_0041 Gallery_small__bmuploads_2012-12-07_763_sc003_s0002.00_0053 Gallery_small__bmuploads_2012-12-07_764_sc003_s0006.00_0039 Gallery_small__bmuploads_2012-12-07_765_sc004_s0003.00_0117 Gallery_small__bmuploads_2012-12-07_766_sc004_s0004.00_0049 Gallery_small__bmuploads_2012-12-07_767_sc004_s0005.00_0130 Gallery_small__bmuploads_2012-12-07_768_sc005_s0002.00_0051 Gallery_small__bmuploads_2012-12-07_769_sc005_s0003.00_0010 Gallery_small__bmuploads_2012-12-07_770_sc006_s0007.00_0069 Gallery_small__bmuploads_2012-12-07_771_sc006_s0017.00_0039 Gallery_small__bmuploads_2012-12-07_772_sc007_s0001.00_comp_0023 Gallery_small__bmuploads_2013-04-05_1991_darksoulsii__1_ Gallery_small__bmuploads_2013-04-05_1992_darksoulsii__2_ Gallery_small__bmuploads_2013-04-05_1993_darksoulsii__3_ Gallery_small__bmuploads_2013-04-05_1994_darksoulsii__7_ Gallery_small__bmuploads_2013-04-05_1995_darksoulsii__8_ Gallery_small__bmuploads_2013-04-05_1996_darksoulsii__9_ Gallery_small__bmuploads_2013-04-05_1997_darksoulsii__10_ Gallery_small__bmuploads_2013-04-05_1998_darksoulsii__11_ Gallery_small__bmuploads_2013-04-05_1999_darksoulsii__12_ Gallery_small__bmuploads_2013-04-05_2000_darksoulsii__14_

Gah, the more I read and see about Dark Souls 2 the more I want it. Dammit, I want it now! There is far too much happiness in my world right now. I want to feel anger, frustration; I want to hate myself and question my abilities as a gamer -- all over again. There is no doubt that Dark Souls 2 can bring me all these things at once. There is so much potential hate in me that I could focus towards beating bosses that I can’t either figure out how to beat or am just unable to execute on. Man, I’m excited!

Despite the sarcastic sounding nature of this post, I’m actually quite sincere. The difficulty is truly the strength of Dark Souls. Sure, it’s difficult and rough, but it’s damn rewarding when you finish. Now that the scenery got a major makeover, the game is more beautiful than ever. I wonder if every NPC will laugh at you again…

Enjoy these photos and get ready for death...

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