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Here are 10 reasons why people hate EA


Why do people hate EA? Despite being voted the worst company in America, IGN still felt the need to ask this ridiculously stupid question. Obviously there's a reason IGN, and we didn't have to meet with EA's COO Peter Moore to find out.

You see, it's very simple and you don't have to look very far at all to find out what EA does to piss off gamers. All we had to do is look at the comments of your article, the comments from gamers who decide to purchase or "write mean things on the internet" about EA.

So without further adieu, here's why gamers hate EA, according to real gamers who actually spend money to play these games:

  1. Day 1 DLC
  2. Shoehorning multiplayer into single player games
  3. All those Sims expansion
  4. They don't make their own games (I think this one might be a stretch though)
  5. They buy out all the talented studios and then close them down firing all staff (ie., Pandemic studios)
  6. They turn everything into a generic, safe game (ie., Mass Effect)
  7. Origin
  8. Their war on used games
  9. Constantly blaming #1-8 on the difficulty in making profit from gaming
  10. No innovation (particularly mentioned in the Madden franchise)

From there, the comments get a little crazy and out-of-hand, but those are 10 reasons, from the gaming public, why people hate EA.

Isn't the customer always right? The consumers have spoken, and rather than wage a big business vs consumer war maybe companies should use this feedback. Don't play victim, address the issues. Then again, if people keep buying the game is there any reason to change?

Look, I'm not saying I hate EA. I play and enjoy some of their games, but you'd have to be blind to not understand why gamers are frustrated. They are feeling shafted and ignored by a "big corporation".

Thanks IGN and the wonderful users who responded.

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