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Henry Cavill is coming back as Superman at least one more time

When do you think we'll see the next appearance of Superman in the DCEU?

Henry Cavill is coming back as Superman at least one more time

Henry Cavill has revealed that he's contracted to play Superman at least one more time in the DCEU.

The recent release of 'Justice League' has let fans pretty divided on the future of the DC Extended Universe. Many enjoyed the film, while others...not so much. Despite how you felt about it, the movie has still grossed over $300 million worldwide and the number continues to grow. While there are a lot more movies in Warner Bros.' dockett for the rest of the DCEU, many are wondering what will become of the JL movies themselves.

One of the stars of the film, Henry Cavill, aka Superman, sat down with LA Times to discuss how he feels about the series and what it means to him to play the character after the events of 'Batman v Superman: Dawn of Justice':

“I feel like this is the natural progression from the end of ‘Man of Steel’ into what he is now. This is a "rebirth" of the character, to coin the DC comics franchise right now. It’s a refresh. This movie highlights the qualities of Superman that exist in the comic books. That’s something I’ve always been very keen to highlight in the character. This rebirth provided the opportunity for me to play those characteristics.”

Cavill went on to reveal that he is still under contract to play the famed superhero for at least one more movie. There have already been plans for a direct sequel to 'Man of Steel', but the last time something like that was planned, it wound up being developed into 'Dawn of Justice'. A 'Justice League' sequel is still very possible for his last appearance as Superman, but it's just as possible that his contract would be renewed and more movies could happen, assuming Cavill is up for it.

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