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Help Bethesda Create a Skyrim Character


There is no denying that Skyrim is going to be enormous game with several unique races of characters. With that in mind, Bethesda has announced today that they want gamer's votes to help Bethesda create a character. Announcing this on their Facebook page, Bethesda added that the aim is to both help create a character and catch a glimpse of the several races in Skyrim.

The developer added, "Skyrim is the home of the Nords, and as such, all of our key art key art and gameplay demos have shown your character as one. As cool as he looks, we realize when November rolls around, many of you will be playing as a different race (or several different races). With that in mind, we wanted to give you guys a chance to see what another character race looks like. To accomplish this, today we’re putting up a couple polls on our Facebook page for The Elder Scrolls: The Elder Council. Voting will go through 9 am EST tomorrow morning, and later in the week, we’ll be sharing a character screenshot with you guys."

If you would like to take part in this, head over to their Facebook page and get your vote in before 9 am EST tomorrow morning. We will be sure to post a screenshot of the character that wins the vote.

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