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Help support the Pure Pwnage movie or get on the noob school bus


I’m not going to lie, I’ve seen every episode of Pure Pwnage at least a dozen times, I remember waiting for new episodes to come out, and I remember watching each episode with several different people.  Hell, I even watched Pro At Cooking – that @#$% was hilarious.  It’s been from Jarett Cale (Jeremy) and Geoff Lapair (Kyle) for some time now, apparently that is all in the process of changing.

Pure Pwnage was a web series about the day and life of a pro gamer on his path of becoming the best.  This mockumentary covered issues like relationships, friendships, the hardships, supernatural powers, and was catered to real gamers.  I was hooked after Jeremy said in the first episode. “Mom’s like a noob man, don’t worry about mom.  Mom’s like using like a three dozer build.”  It’s so simple and ridiculous, but anyone who has ever played Command and Conquer: Generals would find it hilarious.

Well after a long period of inactivity, they are back, and want to make a movie.  Through the use of the website, they are asking for the funding to make this project a reality.  As of now… with 59 days left, they are but a few hundred away from their $75,000 goal.  In other words… this is happening.  It’s quite clear their fan base is still very strong. 

Just because they are already so close, doesn’t mean you shouldn’t help contribute. After all, everything helps.  If money isn’t plentiful, social media it up!  Spread the word!  Get it out there!

It was just one Flame Tank…


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