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Help one LEGO enthusiast recreate Super Mario Bros. brick by brick


Remember when you were a kid and could sink countless hours into a video game as long as you finished your homework on time? Okay, some of us still commit night after night to video games, but the adult world burdens us with taxes, living expenses, and 9-5 work days — and for most of us, those take priority. Don't you wish you could zip back in time to when words like "salary" and "mortgage" held no meaning to your young, careless self?

Zachary "The LEGO Maniac" Pollock is inviting every video game and LEGO enthusiast to live vicariously through him as he pieces together thousands of LEGOs (over 780,000) to recreate Level 1-1 from Super Mario Bros. The finished construction is expected to stand at six feet tall and more than 90 feet wide.

Pollock needs help purchasing the LEGOs, and he's set up a Kickstarter page for donations. A total of $26,400 is needed. Pollock is offering a number of incentives for those willing to contribute.

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