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Help La Llorona Morgana find her children while celebrating the launch of League of Legends' Latin America servers


As my first AP champion, me and Morgana go way back – she will always have a place in my heart.  You know what though? Morgana has some of the best skins in League of Legends. From an angelic version, to a failed baker of delicious treats, to imitating the Queen of Blades, and finally to the darkness of Blackthorn – this fallen witch has it going on. After Blackthorn Morgana came out, I honestly didn’t think she would ever get another skin. How could she? Blackthorn is so damn good.

Well… as per usual, I am wrong. In honor of the new North and South Latin American servers coming soon to League of Legends, Riot will be releasing a La Llorona skin for Morg. The Weeping Woman is a legend far far older than the Slender Man we all know and for some reason love.

League of Legends - La Llorona Skin

To be with the man she loves, she drowned her children. After such a horrible act, he still didn’t want her. This led to her drowning herself in the Honduras. When she got to the gates of heaven, the whereabouts of her children was unknown. She was forbid to enter the afterlife until she finds them. Thus she ‘lives’ out her undead days searching the world for her children. That’s some dark/sad stuff right there.

In honoring this Latin legend, Riot created a beautiful/eerie La Llorona skin for Morgana. Check out this skin and get prepared to whip out your wallet.

League of Legends - La Llorona Splash


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