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Help fund Neo's Land, and then help create it


A few days ago, NeoJac Entertainment launched a Kickstarter campaign for Neo's Land, a high fantasy MMORPG "where the community provides content and has a direct say over the development and state of the game."

Many Kickstarter games have the promise of direct access to development, often taking feedback by those who help fund, but Neo's Land truly gives you a say in it by providing you with the server world building tools needed to create an online world. Instead of crowd funding, think of it as crowd designing.

But first they need funding. NeoJack is looking to raise $100,000 which will go into finishing Neo's Land, on track to release in spring 2014.

"We are listening intently to what our fans would like to see in an MMORPG," said NeoJac CEO Jacques Rossouw. "We are holding regular roundtable discussions with our fan base and they are dictating to us what they'd like to see in terms of an economy, combat, crafting, housing and more for Neo's Land.

"Integrated with the Unity 3D engine as a client, even those with no experience in game development will be able to log straight into a world of their choosing and customize it by placing trees, buildings and non-player characters (NPCs) with ease," he explained. "We are literally giving our players the keys to the proverbial car. We think that's something that is unique even by today's new game development standards

"Really at this stage of development, all that's left is building out the systems to the game world and this is where the fans will be helping us create this unique world. We are turning to Kickstarter to provide the final bit of funding to help us reach our destination," Rossow concluded.

If you're interested in helping fund Neo's Land, head over to the Kickstarter page. With 26 days to go, it's currently just shy of $10,000 pledged.

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