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Hello Kitty Street Fighter plushies landing in retailers


Some Hello Kitty X Street Fighter plushies were shown off and sold during Comic-Con this past weekend. The little buggers were so popular that they instantly sold out. Fret not, plush lovers, because they're coming to retailers in North America!

No exact word on when the soft and cuddly creations will arrive, but Capcom has confirmed that they will be landing at stores including Sanrio (Duh!), Hot Topic (Duh!), and Toys "R" Us (Whoa, that was a surprise!). So yeah, watch out for 'em!

I personally think these stuffed critters, which are based on Chun Li, Ryu, and M. Bison, are pretty cool, but they've got nothing on that sweet Sonic Hello Kitty plushy ... umm ... which I have no intention whatsoever of buying.


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