Hello Games could bring No Man’s Sky to other platforms

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Having made multiple appearances in the past year, No Man’s Sky has become a poster child for Sony’s PS4 indie efforts. It was only yesterday, though, that the developers themselves clarified that their procedurally generated adventure game may not be as exclusive as once thought. 

Responding to a Twitter inquiry regarding a PC release for NMS, Hello Games stated that the notion of it being a PlayStation exclusive was fabricated by the media and never actually said by them. Moreover, the fact of the matter is that “No Man’s Sky is having its console debut on PS4,” leaving plenty of room for the game to branch to PC and Xbox One. 

No Man’s Sky has shown ambition and promised new experiences from day one, and every piece of media seen since has—at least as well as a trailer can convey it—stuck to that promise. To see it confined to one system would be strange if it performs well on PS4, and given Microsoft’s growing focus on indie titles, it’s an easy bet that Xbox is already anxious to put their name on it. Besides, if the game is able to make good on its word, it’s better off as every man’s sky anyway.

[via GameInformer]

Austin Wood
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