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Helios Interactive Announces Release of Metajets: Extreme Turbulence

March 15, 2010

Helios Interactive Announces Release of Metajets: Extreme Turbulence

Helios Interactive, the full service game development studio and 3D software technology company, in conjunction with Reach Games, announces the release of Metajets: Extreme Turbulence, a non-stop action 3D casual game based on the Cookie Jar Group of Canada’s animated television series MetaJets.

In a future world, where aviation is paramount, Metajets: Extreme Turbulence launches it flying aces into the skies in their own super-sonic jets, competing in the Aeronautical Racing Circuit (the A.R.C.), or waging a high stakes battle for air supremacy against the evil Black Cloud brigade.

Already popular in Asia, Metajets, the series, which blends hand drawn animation with CGI, will be coming to American and Canadian TV screens in late 2010. Players of the video game can choose their own customizable jets, and play as any one of the four pilot stars of the show: Kansas-born, Johnny Miller; crew leader, Trey Jordan; ace techie, Zak Kim; or Maggie Strong, the team’s only female pilot and daughter of Captain George Strong, leader of the Metajets organization and commissioner of the A.R.C.

Metajets: Extreme Turbulence is a high-paced 3D casual game developed using GameCore – Helios Interactive’s 3D game creation toolset and engine ( Two games in one, Metajet’s cutting edge 3D graphics and non-stop action will keep players on the edge of their seats. The game’s Race Mode has twelve different tracks and its Mission Mode offers a dozen assorted undertakings. Pilots can play offline in the game’s Practice Mode to hone their skills, or compete online in Career Mode to unlock new content and test their mettle against players across the globe! Top Guns can see their rankings on the Online Leader Board.

Metajets: Extreme Turbulence is Mac and PC compatible and is available for free download at

With its new release of Metajets: Extreme Turbulence, Helios Interactive continues its leadership role in the development of 3D game design and technology.

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