Heeeeere comes another Godfest in Puzzle & Dragons

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Bust out those gems young Puzzle & Dragons fans, it’s time for another Godfest. Will the RNG gods be gentle or it going to be a rough ride? The event kicks off later today at 8:00 PM PDT and will be going 24 hours until Friday at 7:59 PDT. Just what gods will be appearing? I’m glad you asked. The theme this time around is the Greek and Roman pantheon.

Here is the lineup:

- Greco-Roman Series 1 -
122 Minerva
124 Neptune
126 Ceres
128 Venus
130 Hades

- Greco-Roman Series 2 -
567 Ares
569 Hermes
571 Artemis
573 Apollo
575 Persephone

- Special -
362 Odin
364 Odin, the War Deity
1107 Phantom God Odin
640 Archangel Metatron
642 Dark Angel Metatron
911 Red Dragon Caller, Sonia
913 Jade Dragon Caller, Sonia
1088 Blue Dragon Caller, Sonia
1241 Bearded Deity, Guan Yu
1243 Loyal Deity, Guan Yu
1372 Sleeping Dragon, Zhuge Liang
1374 Life Dragon, Zhuge Liang

Bessssssst of luck out there!

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