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Heavy Duty: Current Status

January 30, 2008

Heavy Duty: Current Status

Satellite operation, UFO detection and interception, and other key elements of the game revealed

Akella and Primal Software are pleased to unveil Heavy Duty development updates as the game is approaching its release date (slated for Q3 2008). The game devs report on the completion of a set of new features that will enable a gamer to conduct surveillance – track and intercept enemy craft via orbital satellites.

A recently developed algorithm makes it possible to launch satellites to orbit, track and lose sight of UFOs, conduct scientific research on satellite upgrading. The interface windows reflect statistic data such as cost of launching a satellite, number of satellites in orbit, and overall territory covered by satellite radars.

Any space craft can be detected – when it is covered by satellite radars, a text message pops up on your screen and a UFO’s exact location is tracked in the geoscape. A special icon reflects flight direction if a craft is in the air and a landing spot if it’s down. The geoscape interface mirrors icons of those craft covered by the radars. If clicking on these icons you can focus your camera on a selected UFO or give orders to intercept the enemy.

When a craft escapes from radars, this info is reflected on the screen as a text message, and all the icons of this object disappear. The interceptor that has lost the target returns to the base automatically.

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