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Hearts of Iron 3 Developer Diary Invades Giant Realm

November 12, 2008

Hearts of Iron 3 Developer Diary Invades Giant Realm

Latest Entry Discusses Combat System of the Third Installment of the Grand Strategy PC Title

Paradox Interactive today released the newest developer diary entry from Johan Andersson, Lead Developer on Hearts of Iron 3. Hearts of Iron 3 is an upcoming war-based strategy title for the PC, and the developer diary takes a behind the scenes look at what it takes to bring a game of this scale from concept to final product.

The latest entry from the diary explores the land combat system within the game. Hearts of Iron 3 features an updated land combat system that adds a new level of challenge to the game. The game will retain the same functionality from Hearts of Iron 2, where players move troops to attack. However, a movement penalty has been added in this edition that increases or decreases according to combat events. This new feature allows players to use small units to try and delay the enemy; however, it is not guaranteed that the strategy will succeed. These new features make combat in Hearts of Iron 3 more unpredictable and heart-pumping, while creating a more challenging gameplay experience.

To read the complete developer diary entry for Hearts of Iron 3, please visit: New entries will be posted on Giant Realm every Wednesday.

Hearts of Iron 3 is scheduled for release during the latter half of 2009.

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