Healing through the power of music (and mechanical gloves)!

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This isn’t Nintendo’s Power Glove or the movie The Wizard, but it is still quite magical.  Those Ramblin’ Wrecks from Georgia Tech have developed a mechanical and musical glove that has the power to move you.  The purpose of these black mitts is to aid in the rehabilitating patients who suffer from paralyzing spinal cord injuries. 

These gloves are designed to be used alongside a piano-keyboard.  These wireless gloves vibrate the finger you are supposed to press on the keyboard simulating a ‘taping’ experience.  Alongside this, the keyboard keys lights up telling you which key should be pressed.  While this process will actually teach how to play the basics of the piano (Beethoven’s Ode to Joy is the song in the clip), the main purpose to build strength, flexibility, and muscle memory back into your hand.       

Due to this being hard to imagine, the good people at Georgia Tech included a video to see the Mobile Music Touch glove in action and I’m including that below.  You’re welcome.  I think this is just awesome and is such an innovative idea.  Combining music and fun into rehabilitation is something I can’t help to support; well done GT.   


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