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Hay Day users reportedly stuck on 'Updating...'; Supercell offers solution


Supercell has acknowledged issues with Hay Day players unable to get past the "Updating..." screen when first booting up the game on their devices. Though the issue first started popping up yesterday, it remains a problem for many even today. While Supercell continues to look into the issue, they've meanwhile offered their own solutions which may or may not work for you.

"We are investigating the issue that some players are stuck on "Updating.." for a very very long time. Users who have slower connections may have to wait for a longer time (up to an hour maybe)," the developer wrote on its forums.

Supercell recommends the following steps you you are currently experiencing problems with Hay Day getting stuck at the "Updating" screen.

  1. Check the Hay Day version you have installed. On Android go to Settings -> Apps -> tap on Hay Day and make sure it is 1.18.174. If it isn't please open up Google Play Store and install the latest version. On iOS go to Settings -> General - Usage -> tap on Hay Day and make sure it is 1.18.166. Note - on iOS viewing the version number from the Usage list shows a different version than if you view it in-game (settings -> information (the small i-icon) -> credits (where it should be 1.18.175)). This is nothing to worry about.
  2. Please try to connect to WiFi if you are stuck using 3G/4G, and let it finish the update. If you have been using WiFi, try 3G/4G instead. Note that you should not switch to any other app during the update or let your device go to sleep.
  3. If it still doesn’t work, try to turn off your device, and then back on again and try again.
  4. If nothing helps, and you are 100% sure that your farm is connected to Game Center, Facebook or Google+, you can try to remove Hay Day from your device, and re-install it. It is not recommended to remove/uninstall Hay Day if you aren't 100% sure that your farm is/was connected to Game Center, Facebook or Google+.

If none of the above recommendations work, Supercell is asking you to post certain details over on their forums.

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