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Have you seen the new Gal Gun trailer? Have you?!


Seriously, people, why do games like this exist? Don't answer that. We all know why people make games like Gal Gun. They cater to a strange niche of gamers who want weirdly erotic conent in their video games.

Personally, I don't dig this stuff. Never have, never will. That said, I'm fascinated (read: scared) by the fact that people really like the idea of playing as a kid who's walking around his high school and shooting different female students with ... affection? Love? Pleasure?

Some new DLC was recently announced for Gal Gun. It's basically different sets of outfits for the students. There are bikinis, bunny suits, nurse outfits, and more. Geez, that's so weird, you guys!

Check out the DLC trailer and get just as freaked out as me. Watch it when there's no one around, though. There's a lot of high-pitched moaning, female anime characters in revealing clothing, and upskirt shots. Again, insanely weird.

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