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Hasta La Muerte is a survival platforming art game on iOS

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Publisher BulkyPix, which recently teamed up with Pendulo Studios to release Yesterday on iOS platforms, will be releasing its next title next month. Developed by Pohlm Studio, Hasta La Muerte is being dubbed a "survival-platformer" with "chase-and-be-chased" gameplay akin to Pac-Man.

As a charming little messenger of death, it is your job to guide the souls of the fallen away from eternal damnation. Hasta La Muerte will feature 30 levels, numerous power-ups, and a nifty hand-drawn art style. Speaking of art, art game elements are said to be a recurring theme in the game.

I really dig the visual design of Hasta La Muerte. You can get a closer look at the action in the screenshots provided by BulkyPix. The whole thing does have a Pac-Man-esque vibe to it, and the hand-drawn direction of the graphics helps give the game a nice aesthetic.

Hasta La Muerte is due out for iOS platforms on July 5. Watch out for it if you're looking to engage in some mobile gaming.

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