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Hashtag Giveaways: Betas, in-game items and games, oh my!


Whether or not you're in desperate need for a new game, you always have room for a free game somewhere in your library; it's essentially an unspoken rule for any gamer. 

Now that we are on the same page, let's talk about winning yourself some sweet access to Betas and in-game items!

To be eligible to win some sweet SWAG, you just need to follow these simple steps:

  • Have a Twitter account
  • Follow @GameZoneOnline so we can direct message you your prizes, duh!
  • Lastly, just tweet or retweet this article along with the name of the game you're interested such as #SeriousSamDDXXL or #SSDDXXL

If that's too hard don't worry about it, just retweet our tweets. We will be tweeting out each game that's available one by one until the giveaway is done...or until we run out of stuff to give out! All this talk about free stuff and nothing to show for it? Scroll on down and have a look at everything that's up for grabs.

Serious Sam Double D XXL

  • XBLA key for the full game. Check out David Sanchez's review here.

TERA: Rising

  • Two in game items, one may (or may not) be a mount hint hint.

The Showdown Effect

  • Beta key

MechWarrior Tactics

  • Beta key

Sins of a Dark Age

  • Beta key


  • Beta key

This is equivalent to someone handing out kittens on a street corner, so don't pass it up -- head over to our Twitter and get in on this.

Follow me on Twitter @Tatiana__GZ for giveaways and random chats.

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