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Has Microsoft renamed its free-to-play game Ascend: New Gods?

Ascend: New Gods

Some new evidence has been spotted by the keen eye of NeoGAF, suggesting that Microsoft's free-to-play Xbox 360 RPG Ascend: New Gods has been renamed. Judging by a series of trademark moves, Microsoft might be attempting to rename Ascend: New Gods to Ascend: Hand of Kul. Or it could just be some sort of side project to go alongside the Xbox 360 game.

Either way, here's the scoop. Ascend was first announced back at E3 2012. In April, Microsoft abandoned its trademark for the game. Last week, however, a new trademark was filed for something called Ascend: Hand of Kul. That's about all we got so far.

With the next generation Xbox just around the corner, perhaps Microsoft is looking to rebrand Ascend as a next-gen game. Closed beta is set to begin in June so if Microsoft is sticking to that date we're looking at a release late in the Xbox 360's life-cycle. With the game's constant online connection requirement and rumors that the next Xbox may or may not require internet to play games, it only makes sense to market it as a launch title for the future Xbox.

I'm sure we'll find out more at the May 21 reveal event for the next Xbox, or at E3. Or maybe Microsoft just didn't like the name.

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