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Harvest Moon: The Lost Valley hits 3DS today

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It's happening! Your ability to farm, raise animals, woo a future spouse and fish on the 3DS is arriving today in the form of the latest Harvest Moon game.

Natsume's Harvest moon: The Lost Valley is hitting store shelves today, while it follows the traditional aspects of the series it's bringing some new mechanics to the game. 

This latest addition to the franchise still comes to us under the Nastume name, but while the previous titles have been developed by Marvelous -- this Harvest Moon‚Äč was developed by a new in-house development team. In Harvest Moon: The Lost Valley you'll find yourself playing in a perpetual winter, a winter that you will be putting an end to. The game is set at $29.99, if your pre-ordered it you get a dog plushie (or a bunny plushie depending on what version you purchased) with it...but since it just released that offer might not be applicable to those that pick the game up after launch.

I'm waiting on my pre-order to come in! Do plan on buying it?

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