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Harvest Moon: The Lost Valley 3DS Themes now available

Give your 3DS Menu an agricultural touch

Harvest Moon Cow theme Gallery_small_harvest_moon_cow Gallery_small_harvest_moon_chicken Gallery_small_harvest_moon_dog Gallery_small_harvest_moon_horse

Natsume has been going the extra mile lately to support fans of Harvest Moon: The Lost Valley with additional content. Last week, it was DLC packs. This week, it's 3DS Themes.

3DS owners can now head to the Theme Shop and find four animal-themed Harvest Moon backgrounds for download, set to the tune of Brand New Day from The Lost Valley. There's one of a cow, a chicken, a dog, and a horse. Individual themes cost $0.99 US/1.19 CDN, but if you're interested in all four, opt for the Theme Bundle at $2.99 US/3.69 CDN.

Visually speaking, they're rather basic compared to some of the other themes on offer, but since they're priced at the same tier as the patterned options (which you should probably avoid buying), they'll likely gain popularity simply for being bargain offerings.

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